NEW YORK, N.Y– With recent increases in telecommuting and online learning, our networks stand ready to serve customers at work, at home and remotely—including first responders and those protecting the public—when critical connectivity is needed most. Since the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the company has not seen a measurable increase in data usage—despite some businesses, schools and other organizations now asking employees to work remotely and students to take classes online. Our networks are designed and built to meet future demand and are ready should demand increase or usage patterns change significantly.

We’re looking towards the future and increasing our investments so that we’re poised to offer even more robust network services to meet future demands, in the years to come. We are very confident in our company’s ability to meet current demands in providing our customers—including critical government and public safety agencies—rely on us for proven reliability.

Our dedicated employees who continue to work tirelessly, around the clock to ensure our essential communications services are available to customers so they can stay connected where and when they need it most.

We are also monitoring network usage in the most impacted areas. The company will work with and prioritize network demand in order to assist the needs of many U.S. hospitals, first responders and government agencies.

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