Residential Service Packages

BarrierFree 5G LITE Internet

$99 Monthly

How it works

Simply place your order and sit back and relax.

We will schedule your installation and our

knowledgeable technician brings all the equipment

and cables and will do the rest to set up your

Internet and home WiFi.

                     This package includes:

                    . 25/25M connection to the Internet

                    · DES encrypted private link

                    · Dynamic IP address

This plan lets you suspend your account for up to 5 months annually.

See full plan details.


BarrierFree Phone

$29 Monthly

Unlimited telephone calls within the US and Canada, with features that include:
· Caller ID

· Call waiting with caller ID

· 3-way calling

· Speed dial

· Call forwarding

· Anonymous call rejection

· Outbound caller ID blocking

· Call history

· Enhanced 9-1-1

See full plan details.


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