Rate Change Notification, March 1, 2014

Effective March 1, 2014, monthly rates for IDE Services listed will

Below is a list of rate changes you may see on your bill.

CLEC IDE Type 2 Access

Rate Elements: Class 3, 4, and 5.

Port Only, Port and Access and Bandwidth rates

– Class 3, Residential Broadband Access MRC – Non-Fractional
Tier I, $137.99 /mo., includes Transport and Access

Tier II, $187.99 /mo., includes Transport and Access

Tier III @ 237.99 /mo., includes Transport and Access

One, two and three year terms available, see your individual plan details for specific details.

– Class 4, Fractional Broadband Access
II, will increase from $1655.88 / Plan includes fractional PORT &
ACCESS provisioned at Tier 2 service will change to the new rate amount
of $ 2255.88 / Plan.

– Class 5, FUSF Federal Universal Service Fund
Introduction of “Federal Universal Service Fee” or “Universal Connectivity Fee.”

current incarnation of the FUSF was introduced into tax law created by
United States Congress, via the FCC in 1998. Title 47, Code of Federal
Regulations, Sections 36, 54, and 69.

See the following summary:

telephones provide a vital link to emergency services, to government
services and to surrounding communities, it has been our nation’s policy
to promote telephone service to all households since this service began
in the 1930s. The FUSF / CAF helps to make phone service affordable and
available to all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those
living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high,
schools and libraries and rural health care providers. Congress has
mandated that all telephone companies providing interstate service must
contribute to the FUSF / CAF. Although not required to do so by the government,
many carriers choose to pass their contribution costs on to their
customers in the form of a line item, often called the “Federal
Universal Service Fee” or “Universal Connectivity Fee.”

The current rate is $34.99 each/IP per month

In addition to the FUSF / CAF is a tax recovery fee of $6.00 Per/ subscriber billed IP.

surcharge is imposed for the purpose of providing telecommunications
services at an affordable price to schools, libraries, rural health care
providers, and low-income customers. The tax is a percentage of the
interstate portion of the long distance charge on your bill. The
surcharge is assessed to all telecommunications companies with
interstate operations, including long distance carriers, wireless
companies, pager companies and payphone companies. The Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) regulates this surcharge.

surcharge appears by many names. The following are some ways in which
the FUSF / CAF charges may be represented on bills from other companies,
including your local and long distance telephone carriers:

* Federal Universal Service Fee
* Federal Universal Service Fund
* Federal USF – ADSL
* FED USF – Special Access
* Universal Connectivity Charge
* Universal Service Carrier Charge

The best resource for information about the particulars of the FUSF and the CAF are at the FCC website at http://www.fcc.gov.

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